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Free Hex Editor Neo user testimonials

hhd software product user testimonials

user testimonials for hhd software fhe
free binary file editor user testimonials
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User Testimonials

To learn how use this program took few minutes. Its an easy program for other than the proffesionals, but still a very profesional program. I have tried some other program, but I choose this one.

Arve Iversen

An interesting program - a novell interface.

I'm looking for something that can edit very large files, ie: >3Gb, and this certainly seems to fit the bill, quick loading & navigation so I'll add it to my shortlist.
Julian Hook

I downloaded your free Hex Editor from and I am very pleased with it, what a great piece of software! Thanks.

T. Hubbel

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the freeware hex editor. I'm not quite using it daily (fortunately!), but when I do need it, it's just the right tool for the job. I don't know what I'd do without it. Thanks!

Rod Turnham

Thank you for your very good FREEWARE, hex editor (cool).

Georges Maccario

It is not normal to have such a good support in a free product -sometimes, not even in a purchased one.

Jaume Clarens

I am impressed with your service and your product.

Michael Lamboley

I downloaded HHD Hex Editor from your website today. I am very pleased with it. It works better than anything else I have tried. It's fast, efficient, and accurately manipulates data. I'll be keeping my eye out for future releases.

Lori Dalton

I'm a fan of your HexEditor (2.0) software.

John Thorborg

I downloaded your Hex editor and used it a few times. It was very stable, and just did what it claimed to.

Dave Bushong

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