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Free Hex Editor Neo screenshots

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free binary file editing utility
Installation Screenshots
Sample Edited File Screenshots
Find All Command Results Screenshots
Visual Formatting Screenshots
Clipboard Settings Screenshots
Hex Window Settings Screenshots
HHD Software Free Hex Editor Neo Site Path:
Free Hex Editor Neo - Home
Free Hex Editor Neo - Home
Free Hex Editor Neo - Product Details
Free Hex Editor Neo - Product Details
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Free Hex Editor Neo Screenshots

Free Hex Editor Neo - Installation screenshots:


You can select where you want the product to be installed, whether you want it to be integrated into the Windows Explorer and whether you want the shortcut to be installed on the Desktop.

Free Hex Editor Neo - Sample Edited File screenshots:

Sample Edited File

Free Hex Editor Neo - Find All Command Results screenshots:

Find All Command Results

This screenshot shows the results of the Find All command, issued to find the "ml" sequence. The result is a multiple selection, which can be used to issue additional commands, such as Fill, Delete, Copy/Cut, Copy/Cut Merged etc. The Copy command will insert the corresponding gaps between selected portions of the file. The merged version of the command will join all blocks into one large block. If you paste the data copied with gaps into the same or another document, only real data will be pasted, overwriting (or shifting, depending on the Overwrite switch) the data in the file. If you paste the data copied with gaps into another application or Windows Explorer, the corresponding number of zero bytes will be inserted.

The Find All command is available only in the Hex Editor Regular Edition.

Free Hex Editor Neo - Visual Formatting screenshots:

Visual Formatting

You can select the font face, font size and different colors for each type of data displayed by the Hex Editor. You can select the color manually, or choose Automatic. Automatic colors automatically change when you change the Windows color scheme.

Free Hex Editor Neo - Clipboard Settings screenshots:

Clipboard Settings

The Hex Editor supports exchanging data with the same or other opened documents, Windows Explorer or any other application (in text format). This dialog lets you configure options used when placing data to the Clipboard in several formats.

Free Hex Editor Neo - Hex Window Settings screenshots:

Hex Window Settings

The Hex Editor allows you to configure the way it displays the binary file. You can switch on or off the left and right pane, change the word size and the number of elements in a single row.

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